Masters Champions

The Masters is a Singles Event which is played in a Round Robin format. To bowl in the Masters, a bowler must enter the STBA Nationals and finish in the required positions in the All Events category. The link below will show the STBA Masters Champions since 1993.

2019James ClaxtonTania Yusaf
2018Steven GillTania Yusaf
2017Brian GillespieHazel McQueen
2016Kenny JamiesonJacqui MacColl
2015Michael MacCollTania Yusaf
2014Mark KerrClaire Guild
2013Steven GillTania Yusaf
2012Mark McQueenLaura Rhoney
2011Mark KerrLaura Rhoney
2010Marco BiondiLaura Rhoney
2009James ClaxtonGloria Carney
2008Jamie McDermottLaura Rhoney
2007Marco JonssonLaura Rhoney
2006Mark McQueenHolly Fleming
2005Mark McQueenLaura Rhoney
2004Michael TullochMhari Shaw
2003David RogersonAbbie Carr
2002Mark HuttonMhari Shaw
2001David WaughDiane Whyte
2000Peter CarrollPauline Hunter
1999Neville HaughtonPauline Hunter
1998Andy McCrackenCarol Velzian
1997Kenny GrayLaraine Mackie
1996Norman WilsonCarol Pirie
1995Robert BruceCarol Pirie
1994Dougie JohnstonJoanne Neesom
1993Dave SmithJoanne Neesom

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