Pre – Shot Routine

The tips shown on this page may have been submitted by several different coaches. Although the tips are all designed to improve your performance, it is always best to check that the tips shown here do not conflict with anything being taught by your own, personal coach.

Pre-Shot Routine

A pre-shot routine should be used on every single shot, whether it be in league, tournament or practice, this prepares you to execute more consistent shots.

Be sure to do the same routine, the same way, before each shot, including spares.

Different people will have different pre-shot routines. A pre-shot routine is only pre-determined actions prior to stepping on the approach. This could be as simple as drying your hand, wiping the ball, using rosin on your hand.

It should be something you feel comfortable with and able to repeat without really thinking about it. It becomes even more important to have a set pre-shot routine when you are under more pressure to play a good shot, because following this set routine will eliminate the mistakes caused by rushing the shot.

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