History of STBA

Sometime after 1841, when the state of Connecticut in the U.S.A. declared the maintenance of “any ninepin lanes” to be illegal – probably because it was the object of gambling – the game of “Tenpin” evolved as a means of getting round that law.

But that was then and this is now – when 95 million people from over 90 countries currently enjoy the sport of tenpin bowling.

The S.T.B.A. Welcomes You.

Whether you are just starting out or have been bowling for several years…..

Whether you are a casual bowler who bowls simply for fun or for

Whether you are a regular participant in leagues or tournaments……

or even a bowler of international standard…….

The Scottish Tenpin Bowling Association is working for YOU.

The Association’s primary aim is to foster the sport of Tenpin Bowling in
Scotland in accordance with the recognised rules of the game.

To that end, the Association organises an annual national championship and a variety of other tournaments. It is also responsible for the selection of Scottish representative teams and individuals in international events.

In order to achieve these aims, the Association organises the raising and collection of funds in a variety of ways (It should be stressed that the governing Council are all unpaid volunteers and do not benefit from these funds). Your support in these efforts will be much appreciated regardless of the level of bowling skill you may have reached or, indeed, whether you bowl competitively or just for fun.

It should be stressed that the Association can only work if it is, in turn, supported by its members and the bowling public. To that end you are encouraged to investigate the benefits of membership and to consider joining – or forming – a regular bowling league at your local centre. Any of the individuals listed on the “Contact Us” page will be only too willing to help.

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