Minutes Of Council Meetings

This page is to display the minutes from National Council Meetings.

The links on this page are to documents in pdf format. To open a document in your browser window just ‘left click’ on the appropriate link. To download the document for offline reading or printing, open the document and use the Save As option in Acrobat Reader.

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Date Format – YYYY.MM.DD

2018.11.11 STB Board Meeting

2018.10.29 Senior Committee Meeting

2018.09.02 STBA Board Meeting

2018.08.27 Senior Committee Meeting

2018.05.20 STBA Board Meeting

2018.04.15 STB Board Meeting

2018.03.18 STB Board Meeting

2018.02.26 STB Board Meeting

2018.02.04 STB Board Meeting

2017.12.27 STB Board Meeting

2017.12.08 STBA Board Meeting

2017.10.28 STB Board Meeting

2017.10.08 STBA AGM

2017.10.01 STB Board Meeting

2017.09.10 STB Board Meeting

2017.07.30 STB Board Meeting

2017.07.16 STB Board Meeting

2017.06.23 STBA Board Meeting

2017.05.31 STB Board Meeting

2017.05.21 STB Board Meeting

2017.04.04 STB Board Meeting

2017.03.09 STB Board Meeting

2017.01.08 STBA Council Meeting

2016.11.17 STBA EGM

2016.05.08 STBA Council Meeting

2016.01.17 STBA Council Meeting

2015.11.29 STBA Council Meeting

2015.08.23 STBA AGM

2014.04.06 STBA Council Meeting

2014.02.23 STBA Council Meeting

2014.01.05 STBA Council Meeting

2013.11.03 STBA Council Meeting

2013.08.25 STBA AGM

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Last Modified – Dec 11, 2018 @ 3:48 pm

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