National League Rules & Regulations

National League Rules 2017
1. This will be a Trios league with a maximum of 6 bowlers registered per team.
2. Once a bowler is registered with a team they cannot be removed from that team.
3. Each round will consist of 1 game, with 6 games being bowled on the first 3 dates and 7 games on the
latter 3 dates.
4. This will be a scratch and Handicap league, handicap being 85% of 220.
5. Blind Score will be set at 150 with no handicap being added.
6. Only 1 blind score can be used in a game, therefore the legal line up is 2 players. Less than 2 players
the game will be forfeited.
7. Illegal line ups will allow the bowler to record their score for International Selection only.
8. Games must be bowled on the date scheduled; there will be no pre or post bowls.
9. Prize fund must be paid in full on each scheduled day.
10. Any complaints must be made verbally by the end of the game in question, and followed up in writing
within 72 hours.
11. Ladies will receive 8 pins per game in the scratch section only.
12. Cost per bowler is £30 for the first 3 dates and £35 for the last 3 dates. ( Lineage (£18/21, STBA Team
fund £5, Prize fund £3.50/4.50 for Scratch and the same for Handicap.)

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