AMF World Cup Qualifier Online Entry

General Tournament Rules

1. The General Playing and Tournament Rules of the S.T.B.A. will govern the tournament.
2. The Tournament is open to all current STBA members, of good standing.
3. S.T.B.A. Cards must be produced. Failure to produce a current STBA card will result in a fine (£15). Only Bone-fide members will be able to represent STBA.
4. No person may play in this tournament except those originally entered or such replacements as authorised and accepted by the tournament manager.
5. A provisional bowl must be rolled if disputes relating to pin fall cannot be resolved immediately.
6. Protests must be lodged verbally within 10 minutes of the infraction and must be confirmed in writing to the tournament manager within 72 hours of the game in which the infraction occurred.
7. Entry fee will be non-returnable after squad times have been notified and accepted. However an entry may be sold to an eligible replacement.
8. All bowlers are required to register at least 30 minutes prior to allocated roll-off times. If a bowler fails to register before the designated time that bowler may be disqualified and replaced by a reserve bowler.
9. No bowler will be allowed consume alcoholic beverages anywhere in the centre during the tournament. Any breach of this rule will result in disqualification of the individual from the tournament. Bad language, gesticulation or abuse of bowling equipment or machinery will result in a verbal warning and then if it continues, disqualification from the tournament. The use of mobile phones by players is prohibited during play and all mobile phones must be switched off when entering the players bowling area. Any individual whose conduct is considered liable to bring the sport into disrepute will be disqualified from the tournament and a report will be sent to STBA. Disqualification will mean loss of scores bowled and also any award pending.
10. Suitable bowling attire must be worn. Casual shorts, combat style trousers, denim or jean style clothing, T-Shirts and headwear, e.g. baseball caps will not be permitted. However skorts and tailored shorts will be permitted for ladies. The wearing of any short trousers by men is banned. Sponsorship/advertisement must be in line with ETBF ruling. No foreign names on shirts.
11. Games will be played at Doubles pace unless demand exceeds lanes booked.
12. No substitutes will be allowed to play after the start of the tournament. If injury prevents a bowler from continuing in the tournament a pacer where possible will be used.
13. The tournament committee reserve the right to reject or re-rate any entry and their decision in all matters will be final, subject to appeal to the STBA.
14. Tied scores for an award in a tournament will be decided on last highest game, then second last highest game and so forth except when we reach round 2 onwards.
15. Changes to the official score sheet can only be made with the consent of the Tournament Committee.
16. All bowling equipment, when not in use, must be kept in the ballpark. Unattended bags and equipment will be removed to Ball Park. Neither the bowling centre nor the STBA can accept responsibility for loss or damage to equipment or personal effects at any time.
17. Only food and Drink bought in the bowl maybe consumed on the premises.

Tournament Format

This will be a scratch tournament with a separate Ladies and Gents section for bowlers.

This tournament will consist of 1 Round for Gents plus a 4 person step ladder final, and 1 Round for Ladies.

In the event of a tie in Round 1, the highest last game will decide, then 2nd last highest game and so on.

Round 1: Ladies and Gents will bowl a 12 game tournament, changing lanes after every game. 6 Games will be bowled on Saturday 10 June 2017, and a further 6 games on Sunday 11 June 2017
making 12 games in total. Doubles pace will apply unless demand exceeds lanes booked with centre.

The top female bowler after 12 games will be declared the outright champion.

Round 2: Gents only: the top 4 gents will play a stepladder final,
(4th x3rd, winner x 2nd, and finally winner x 1st). The winner of this match will be declared overall champion.

If a game is tied in the Stepladder final, the 9th and 10th frame will be replayed until a winner is declared.

The Winners of the Ladies and Gents Sections will be invited to represent Scotland at the AMF World Cup, this year being held in Mexico.

Tournament Manager: John Anderson

First Round : Registration: 10 and 11 June 2017: 8:00am

Roll-off: 10 and 11 June 2017 8:30am

Linage £48
Prizefund £15
Team Fund £ 5
Expenses £ 2

Prize fund (Returned 100%)

All entry fees must be enclosed with entry, any entries received without payment will be refused. No cash will be accepted by post.

Closing date for entries Midnight 01 June2017

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