All you need to know about ten pin bowling and its benefits in Kilmarnock

Bowling itself is not a newly born game, on the contrary, millions of people all around the world have become big fans of it. The game is amazingly easy to play, but unpredictably interesting. This is a widespread type of this. Let’s figure out the definition, general rules and main benefits of such an occupation in Kilmarnock.

What is ten pin bowling, actually?

It is a competitive sport in which a player throws a ball, aiming to score by knocking down as many skittles as he can.
There are ten boxes given to every participant to throw a ball, every of which consists of two throws. The tenth round can consist of three shots: the bonus shot follows the hit or shot in the tenth round (sometimes called the “eleventh” and “twelfth” rounds) and is used only to score the tenth round.
The sport has a unique scoring system that is known for confusing beginners who try to knock down as many “targets” (strikes and spares) in the process.
At least one pin must be knocked down to get a score. Even if it wobbles, but is not knocked down, the point will not be obtained. Also, if a skittle is moved, it does not change its number.
In general, there are two main styles of moving the ball around the court. Beginners usually shoot straight, in the area between one or three bowling skittles for right-handed or in the area between one or two bowling skittles for left-handed. More experienced players usually roll the ball in a curved way, making it pass first in a straight line and then in a curve towards the area.

The common rules of ten pin bowling

The game includes ten rounds. In every round, the bowler has two attempts to throw a ball to hit the maximum of pins. In games with more than one player, each participant starts a box in a certain order before the next one begins. If the player has succeeded to hit all ten pins with the first try, a strike is given. If he or she is able to knock down all ten pins with two tries, this is called a spare. Additional points are given on the basis of the number of pins that are knocked down in the next two shots (for strike) or one shot (for spare). If the player hits all ten pins in the last round, he or she can roll three more balls. To sum up, there is a possibility of striking twelve strokes in a game, thus you are free to hit 300 points at maximum (for sure, theoretically).

Why is betting on ten pin bowling worth mentioning?

At first glance, betting on ten pin bowling is not essentially different from betting on another sport because the same principles and rules are applied.
But, in reality, the advantage of this bowling lies in its simplicity and clarity. It doesn’t demand enormous efforts to succeed here and earn some extras.

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In order to place winning bets on ten pin gaming, it’s necessary to create and be able to manage a bankroll, understand and comprehend the rules of the game, study the statistics and performance of competitors involved. In addition, you have to keep up with the latest news of the ten pin bowling world and, of course, examine betting strategies.

Such bets can be of various types, it all depends on the bookmaker offering them.
As a rule, you are free to bet on the outcome of the game, the exact score of the round and the winner of the round. There is a different strategy for each betting method. So before betting on, you have to acknowledge the particularities of the sport and the market clearly.
The question is – to bet on bowling or not then. The answer depends on your own preparation and wish to try your best.
On the one hand, bookmakers may offer wrong odds as it is a badly known sport, so if you are a master here, the chances of winning are high. On the other hand, the bookmaker may give low limits, thus you will not win much. If
you adore discipline and are proficient, it is easier to win a ten pin bowling bet, than a football or basketball one.
Betting such an infrequent sport allows to dilute the routine. Bookmakers offer a wide range of offers, therefore this can be an alternative option of making cash and chilling out with profit.

What to bet on ten pin bowling?

Since bowling is not a classic academic sport, you won’t be able to stake on many of the most popular international tournaments. However, you can, for example, attend an amateur or professional tournament in your neighborhood.

Where to play and to bet ten pin bowling in Kilmarnock?

While talking about Kilmarnock, among the most famous and best bowling places to visit are various tournaments, like the Scottish Open (includes different categories, for instance, for adults, YACs and seniors or women and men separately).
The event is well-known in the city and has been arranged several times already. Moreover, in 2006 and 2007 it was a big success. Don’t miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the rankings for National Squad Final Standings too, this way you will have the chance to evaluate the sense and dimension of the competitions set. Nowadays you may find many similar events organized, in its turn, by Scottish Association of Youth Bowling Clubs. So there is no opportunity to get bored in Kilmarnock. There you can also gamble on the other participants and , as a result, to earn some extras and much experience.

To sum up, is it difficult to play and gain from ten pin bowling?

Definitely, no. All you need is the wish to try and to study as well. It’s in your hands.