Playing and betting on ten pin bowling in Kilmarnock

It is a simple, dynamic and exciting sport highly popular in more than 120 countries of the world. In the article we will try to puzzle out briefly about bowling, how to play it correctly (in order to win, of course) and bet effectively and all of these in Kilmarnock.

A little about ten pin bowling

The ten pin bowling game is based on placing 10 skittles for a player to attempt to hit all of them in each round (in each try).

  • In general, the game consists of 10 rounds. At the beginning of every of them, a player’s task is to try to hit all ten skittles. If it’s done, the result is called “strike” (here the first shot reaches ten skittles). This is considered to be the best result, after which the round is finished.
  • If not all skittles are knocked down after the first attempt, the player has the second chance. The result of hitting and knocking down all remaining skittles is called “spare” (here ten skittles must be knocked down with two attempts). If after the second shot one or more skittles remain motionless, such a result is called “open”.
  • For a “spare”, it’s given ten points and the number of points equal to the number of skittles downed in the previous shot.
  • For a “strike” it’s obtained ten points and the number of bowls knocked down on the next two pitches.
  • If a “spare” is reached in the last round, one more ball may be rolled, if it’s a ‘strike’ – two balls.

They offer the player the opportunity to earn so-called prize points. Thus, the scoring system rewards successful pitches, and games with a really high number of points.

Advice on how to play ten pin bowling correctly

There may be many strategies on how to lead gaming, but the crucial aspects are:

  1. point out the target support;
    It is better to look at a point on the line near the pins and roll the ball before throwing it, rather than throwing it 60 feet away. To facilitate this process, mind seven arrows marked at the distance. The middle one is in the center of the track, in line with the main pin. The other arrows are also parallel to the respective pins.
  2. study to take aim at;
    Aiming is the selection of the starting position and focus point. The starting position and aiming points are chosen based on the flight path of the desired ball. By changing the starting position or focus point, the desired result is achieved.

Why to pay attention to betting on bowling? How to succeed?

Today you can bet on almost everything at bookmakers, even on things as exotic and not so widespread as bowling. Most gamblers consider such a betting to be a game of chance. That’s not entirely true, because it may be said about
betting on a sport you don’t puzle out, but if you are a big fan and experienced professional, then there are millions of opportunities to make money. The best tips to win are to control the bankroll accurately, keep an eye on all the latest news and events, study the particularities of the discipline and analyze statistics.

What about places to go in Kilmarnock?

Actually, the best ones are usually arranged with the help of the Scottish Association of Youth Bowling Clubs. Today you can find all of the types of tournaments, like for adults, seniors, YACs or for men and women. The most popular event to attend is the Scottish Open, while the best one to keep an eye on is the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup.

So how to succeed in ten pin bowling in Kilmarnock?

As always, the secret lies in developing yourself, studying and doing.